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Moscow - Madrid (Spain) (Round-trip)

13 April14 April 2020


Regular price — 100

Airline: TestAvia

Checked bag included
Non-stop flight
Personal item included only
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Yekaterinburg - Barcelona (Spain) (Round-trip)

3 February10 February 2018

6 158 RUB

Regular price — 20 300 RUB

Airline: Россия


Saint Petersburg - Barcelona (Spain) (Round-trip)

7 February14 February 2018

9 186 RUB

Regular price — 16 600 RUB

Airline: Россия


Moscow - Barcelona (Spain) (Round-trip)

24 February3 March 2018

9 345 RUB

Regular price — 18 300 RUB

Airline: Россия


If you are a lover of the active holiday Spain is your place. It is an amazing country of cheerful people, bullfighting, flamenco and siesta. Everyone can find an entertainment for himself. There are excellent mountain ski centres with well-equipped slopes as well as possibilities for free riding in Masella, Baqueira Beret, La Molina. Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Toledo are miraculous cities.Walking the streets you will receive unforgettable impressions. There are ancient Gothic buildings, churches and historic heritage. If you prefer a passive recreation, enjoy the magnificent Spanish beaches.Cala de Algaiarens, Playa de Illetest, El Cofere Beach are popular beach resorts in Spain.

Mark Moller

I spent 2 weeks in Madrid and fell in love with the city. It seemed you found yourself in the middle ages. There was unforgettable atmosphere.

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