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How to find cheap flights from Los Angeles to Italy (round-trip)


Los Angeles - Rome (Italy) (Round-trip)

7 April27 April 2020


Regular price — 666

Airline: American


Los Angeles - Rome (Italy) (Round-trip)

12 April28 April 2020


Regular price — 779

Airline: American

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Moscow - Rome (Italy) (Round-trip)

14 May24 May 2018

10 142 RUB

Regular price — 18 400 RUB

Airline: Aegean airlines / Wizz air

Personal item included only

Moscow - Rome (Italy) (Round-trip)

16 May30 May 2018

10 832 RUB

Regular price — 17 500 RUB

Airline: Ural airlines


Moscow - Rome (Italy) (Round-trip)

6 May16 May 2018

10 491 RUB

Regular price — 18 500 RUB

Airline: Swiss airlines


Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the must-seen destination for tourist from the world over. Another name of Rome is the Eternal City. The memory of the great past of the mighty Roman is everywhere in Rome. The most interesting and attractive thing about Rome that`s the cultural heritage there is harmonically integrated in the present city. Ancient ivy-covered ruins, 2,000-year-old temples, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, elegant Renaissance and Baroque buildings and a plenty of other tourist attractions make you feel the breath of history at every step. Another reason to stay in Rome for a few days is to experience famous cucina povera and the dolce vita lifestyle.

Ian Cowan

I liked Rome but the thousands of noisy tourists upset me. Next time I would go to Italy in non-touristic time – maybe in autumn.

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